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About Rashad Felton

Dear future family members, YES... family members. Once we establish a relationship you will be treated as more than just a client. My name is Rashad Felton, born and raised in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake. The 7 cities is all I know and forever be familiar with I am your tour guide for sure! But always looking for recommendations for the best taco spots... don't judge me. I am human so robot scripted lines you will not get from me I will be 100% honest and as real as I can be with my family. I am that cousin at the cookout that will make you laugh, that brother at the wedding that will have a speech that will make you cry tears of joy. I am that Realtor that will make sure you get the best deal, no matter if your selling or buying. I make sure my family doesn't get screwed over. Most importantly I am a father to an amazing young man and a beautiful husky. If you’re not intrigued by now you must be my mother in law. Oh you’re still here great! Enough about me let’s get down to business! Welcome to The Bryant Group family.